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(I started this blog post in March...I figured I would publish it anyway)

I think my blogging days may be numbered. That, or I need to come to terms with the fact that the focus of my blog may change. It may not be so much about knitting anymore, and certainly not about riding public transit (my bus commute is now about 10 minutes each way; hardly time to witness any crazy antics). Am I okay with that? Do I want to blog just about random, everyday stuff? Sure, I already do that, but am I prepared to give up the knitting blog charade?
Life has been pretty busy lately. D and I have been getting up at 5:10 each morning and heading to the Rec Center to work out before we work. I love this arrangement. It gives me more flexibility with my evenings and I can fit it running, swimming, and biking better. We do still go to the Rec Center after work fact you can find us there this afternoon for spin class. Yay!
In addition, we are taking Total Immersion swim classes. I am bad. Ve…