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The Great Ski Weekend

Over Valentine's day, David and I headed to Waubun, MN for a weekend of relaxation with some friends. What a great weekend it was! Beautiful weather, skiing, fantastic food, great friends. What more could you want?

A few highlights:

On the way up there, we met Kym and Kyle at the Good Life Cafe in Park Rapids for lunch. So good. I had the Veggie GLC sandwich with a salad and it was very good. Just a fun restaurant with a great vibe, good beer, yummy food. Can't wait to go back.

We stayed at the Rainbow Resort and loved it. The owners were so friendly, the ski trails were nicely groomed, the cabin was perfect. If you are looking for a place to spend a winter weekend, I recommend it.

I haven't skied since I was maybe 12 or 13. I was a little leery, but really enjoyed myself. I only had problems on one trail, but even Kym took off her skis and walked down some of those hills. Of course, even when I did fall, the view was pretty good.

There were four couples, and we split…

Wedding Wednesdays

Look! It's me in a wedding dress.

But NOT my wedding dress! PSYCH!

It is lovely, though, no? If you want to see my dress, send me a message on Facebook or Ravelry.

We are winding down the main wedding to-dos: flowers, food, officiant, venue, all have been set. Photographers are being met with. We'll meet with our officiant next month to start planning the ceremony (she lives in NJ). I know there are still a lot of "big" things to do (invitations, rehearsal dinner, what I will wear on my head) but I feel pretty good with where we are. Every now and then I sort of freak out, mostly when I look at the to-do lists printed in wedding magazines or on the Knot. Those things are great to help you remember all the little things, but they can also stress you out!

On another note, we are now the proud owners of 18 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Guess what we are having at my wedding reception?

I wish I could say my triathlon training is going as well, but I've had a miser…

Some New Additions

Some new yarn has come into my life. It is safely stashed away now, awaiting its transformation into something lovely.

First up, is some Kollage Yarns Cornucopia, two skeins each of Antique Lace and Riverview. The fiber content is 100% corn. I got this at Monica's, a yarn shop in Park Rapids, MN. We stopped in Park Rapids for lunch on the way to the cabin over Valentine's weekend. I needed some size 4 DPNs (for some reason, I have two sets of size 3 DPNs, two sets of size 6 DPNs, but no size 4) and this yarn was on clearance, 50% off.

I really thought I was buying the same weight as the pink corn yarn I already had, but it isn't. This is thicker, almost like a ribbon yarn. The pinkI have is Corntastic. This is Cornucopia. Not sure what I will do with it, but baby blanket comes to mind.

The next yarn is from France! Squee! Pretty cool, eh? A few months ago, I got a request from a Raveler for the Tahki Donegal Tweed I had in my stash as "trade/sell". This …

A Little Kntting

This is one of two hat and mitten sets I am knitting for a former co-worker. I have the green hat almost done., and a larger pair of red mittens as well.

The mittens are tiny and have an absolutely useless thumb. I'm not sure why I even included the thumb, but overall I seem to be challenged when it comes to knitting children's mittens. The mittens I knit for my sister looked fine. Why do all the children's mittens I knit look so goofy?

I am now registered for three triathlons: the LifeTime Fitness Indoor Triathlon, April 18; the Winona Trinona on June 13; and the St. Paul Triathlon on August 22. I've got a bit of a cold that is slowing down my training, but I'm not too worried...yet.