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Some Cute Stories

Sunday, Gigi and I were driving around with the Little Guy in the back seat. He was back there, humming away, when he said, "Mommy! Mommy! I am singing with my mouth closed!" and then he hummed some more.

Gigi said, "You know what it's called when you sing with your mouth closed? It's called 'humming'". The Little Guy replied, "NO Mommy! I am NOT humming! I am NOT A BIRD!"

Last night I talked to him on the phone and I told him I loved him and for the first time ever he said, "I love you too, Mimi". So sweet!

Super Secret Knitting

I am working on a super secret knitting project. I worked on it while I hung out with the Little Guy on Friday. He asked if he could help me with my yarn, so I gave him some yarn and one knitting needle. He seemed to enjoying wrapping it around and around and around. He said his mommy would be so happy when she saw it.

I am using some Twinkle Soft Chunky from Classic Elite Yarns that I bought last weekend while in Milwaukee, en route to Chicago. Puppy was kind enough to pose for a photo.

This project is done on Size 13 needls with a bulky yarn, so needless to say, it's much more enjoyable than the cardigan I'd been working on, which has sort of been languishing. I'm not entirely sure I'll pick it up again. We'll see.

Triathlon Tuesdays

Yay! So, turns out trying to write every week about my triathlon prep is not very interesting. I ran. I swam. I ran some more.

Did I mention that the other week I rode the exercise bike at the gym for about 15 minutes? Oh my gosh, was that ever boring! That kind of made me decide that for the winter I will focus on running and swimming and wait until summer to hop on the bike again.

I had a good swimming lesson Saturday...with D. I've kind of given up on my actual swimming lessons. I'm still going, but I've given up that they will be useful.

So, Saturday D and I went to the pool and he gave me some tips on keeping my head down so my body stays horizontal and then we worked on flip turns. That was really fun. I know I won't do flip turns in the triathlon, but it still was fun to work on them. I'm going to head to the pool again tomorrow and work on some of the pointers he gave me.

Other than that, I've just been running and lifting weights. Good times!