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Well, hello summer!

My family has encouraged me to not give up the blog - even though I have not posted anything since April. They are so sweet to tell me I should keep it up.

So, what have I been up to the last few months? A little of this, a little of that. A triathlon here, sheep and wool festival there, travel to AZ here, knitting there.


trying out clipless pedals on the road bike. Do not like. Three falls and a lot of anxiety later, I am thinking of giving them up. I know, I know...stick it out, don't give up, it takes time. But, I feel it has come down to: Do I want to enjoy riding my bike and feel safe? Or keep trying to use these pedals that I have started to feel tense just thinking about them? Hmmmm.
5-year old birthday party injury. Yes, I got "slide burn" on my elbow while in the bouncy slide thing at the Little Guy's 5th birthday party. It goes nicely with the crazy ankle scar from when I fell off my bike the third time.
Tour de France: so sad for Andy Schleck. Rea…