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Upcoming Plans

Hello! Yeah, so...the blog isn't really my first priority these days (how many times have I said something similar? Hmmmm).

So, I have been doing some knitting. Here is proof.

Will post details on the pattern later, but it is from my Vintage Baby Knits book which I purchased for the cute factor. Note to self - back in vintage times, most baby patterns were knit on size 1 or 2 needles. This, a "quick" baby project is actually not so quick. No matter...I am knitting this large enough that I have plenty of time! Ha! Ha ha!

I am also looking for small, portable project to take with me when D and I head to...Italy!

Yes...the two of us are going to Italy in November. I have a feeling we'll get rained on a bit, but oh well.

Here's the deets:
We are flying into Florence and will spend a couple days there. I've rented a cute little apartment for us with the most darling tiny kitchen you have ever seen! So, we'll sort of wander about for a few days and then head to…