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My Grandpa Al

My Grandpa Al passed away on Saturday at 99 years of age. He was really an amazing guy. I posted a bit about him in the post just before this one, telling you all of the marriage advice he gave David and me. I also blogged about him here.

I'll write a more complete post soon about him, but for now I'll direct you to my big brother's blog post about Grandpa. A lot of good memories in that post!

And I love this picture of him. I think he looks so happy!

You can also read this article that was in the Waunakee Tribune News this past January.

Another Wedding Wednesday

My sister suggested I update my blog, so here goes!

This past weekend was my very fun bachelorette party! Yay! Look at all these lovely ladies that came to celebrate with me!

We had dinner at Subo and you can see our very cool waiter, Neil, in the picture as well. I love this place! They have an amazing drink called "Grounds for Divorce" which is Jameson and ginger liqueur on the rocks. That drink was one of the main reasons I wanted to go there...the other was the amazing food.

One of the other stops was Nye's where we sang a few tunes at the piano bar and danced the polka with some guys from a bachelor party.

My friend Carrie made really fun little gift bags for everyone, complete with name tags, and my friend Kym rented a limo for the night. So, we had a wonderful, wonderful time. David has his bachelor party this weekend. I wonder what kind of fun the guys will have?

Wedding plans are going well. Every time I am out at my dad's house I am struck by how beautif…

Wedding Wednesday

Well, as you can see by the ticker at the top of the page, the big day is about six weeks away. David and I have this great list of things to do, divided into A, B, and C priorities and divvied up as to who is in charge of what. I'll admit, I have slacked a bit on some of my "A" responsibilities. I hope to rectify that situation today.

I have been in major Etsy shopping mode for the last few weeks. As you know, the invitations were purchases on Etsy. I have also bought some gifts for my bridesmaids and right-hand-woman on Etsy as well. Recently, I purchased this ring-bearer bowl.

What the heck is that? Well, I heard about these from some forum I was reading about alternatives to ring bearer pillows. The Little Guy will be the ring bearer, so we need something for him to carry. I am not a fan of the pillow. What would I do with it afterward? I heard about these bowls and love the idea. There is a ribbon at the top to tie the rings on. After the wedding, it…

I did it!

I finished my first triathlon! I now can say that I am a triathlete. How did it go, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

First of all, the details. I participated in the Trinona triathlon, held in lovely Winona, MN. I did the sprint course which was a quarter-mile swim, 11.5 mile bike, and a 5K (3.1 miles). I signed up for this because I thought it would be nice to do a shorter swim before I do the St. Paul Triathlon in August which has a half-mile swim. Boy, am I glad I did. More on that later.

We left Saturday morning and made our way to Winona, stopping in Rochester to have lunch with Kyle and Kym at John Hardy's BBQ. Yummy! Most tender ham I've ever had, pulled pork with BBQ sauce that had the right amount of heat, and a huge mound of Jo-jo fries that I barely made a dent in.

When we got to Winona, we checked into the hotel, headed over to HyVee for bagels and peanut butter, and then picked up our race packets at the bank. I got a lovely hot pink swimming cap, signify…