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It's Not Knitting...

But it is crafty.

I saw this idea on the Martha Stewart weddings for some tissue paper pom-poms. We'll have a tent at the wedding, and I was thinking of having paper lanterns for decoration. Then I came across this which would be much cheaper.

Not being Martha Stewart, I wasn't sure I' d be able to achieve this look, so I bought some floral wire and tissue paper yesterday. This morning, while still in my pj's, I decided to give it a try. This is the quick and dirty, less than 5 minute pom-pom I made.

Not bad, eh? A pack of tissue paper is 99 cents. The floral wire was $1.99 for what looks to be a lot of wire. Imagine if I get some crafty people to help me and we focus on folding and cutting the ends nicely, I think they'll look very pretty.

I'd like to have dahlias for flowers, and these pom-poms remind me of them.

Wedding Wednesdays

I have a dress! Woo-hoo! We are down to one more caterer meeting. I downloaded some songs to iTunes that I like (listening to L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole right now). The guest list is still an uncertainty. I've got a great invite and program idea. Things are coming along nicely.

185 days to go!

Triathlon Tuesdays

I'm considering registering for the Trinona, a triathlon that takes place in Winona, MN in June. The swim is only a quarter-mile, so I think it would be a nice first step. Of course, it's also two months earlier than the one I am already registered for, but so far three friends are doing it, so why shouldn't I? If I register before the end of January, I get a discount. Hmmm...

Speaking of January, it has sort of been a lost cause as far as working out. As soon as February begins, I'll need to really get to work on training.

But for to tap class!

Wedding Wednesdays

What happened to Triathlon Tuesdays? I haven't had much to write, but once things slow down here at work, I'll pick up with that again.

I thought Wedding Wednesdays had a nice ring to it, but I promise my blog won't be taken over by wedding details. So, far the planning is going well. The date is July 31st, we are meeting with caterers and will have one picked by the end of the month, and I've narrowed down my dress choices and will make a final decision next week. We also have an officiant.

The next big thing I'll then work on is flowers. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I do have a few leads to start with. Of course there are a lot of little things to do, but once I have my big items that we need to hire (food, flowers, officiant) I'll start to think about those things.

On to some knitting news! I received an e-mail from an old co-worker last week. I knit her daughter a hat out of Malabrigo Green Spark nearly three years ago, and recently it g…

Super Secret Knitting Revealed!

And it was...mittens for my sister!

These were so much fun to knit! She says they are super warm and comfy. My friend Jen made a pair with the same yarn and she said the same thing.

The yarn is Twinkle Soft Chunky and it is wonderful! These knit up so fast on size 13 needles so they are a great project for a quick knitting fix. I just may need to make more of these!

Oscar's Hat

A friend recently welcomed a new baby boy to the world, and this is my contribution to his wardrobe.

It's the Candy Cane hat from Itty Bitty Hats, knit in some Lion Brand Cotton Ease with a contrasting red pom. The pom is Crystal Palace Yarns Merino 5 Solid. It is super cute! I'm also very please with my stripes and the switch between colors. It turned out very nicely.

It took me forever to finish this hat. About the time I was almost done, this crazy thing called "engagement" happened to me, rendering me unable to focus on anything at all for more than 5 minutes. My mind has been skipping and hopping to a million different places ever since then.

But, finally it is finished, and just as cute as can be. I'll try to pop it in the mail tomorrow or maybe next week. I'm a little nervous because Oscar's mom also knits and if the pom falls off I'll be so embarrassed. So, say a little prayer it stays on. Thanks.

You Know He's the One When...

...he makes amazing sandwiches with pepperjack cheese.

...he puts oregano in his scrambled eggs...or is it dill?

...he asks you to teach him to knit so he can make a hat for his new niece.

...he sets up your bike computer.

...he lets your nephew pretend he is a cow and feed him imaginary hay.

...he shows you how to use Excel so you can figure out just how painful it will be to pay off your student loans before you're 40.

...he Tivo's your favorite shows for you since you don't have cable.

...he likes your family. like his family.

...he's the calm to your sometimes not-so-calm self.

...he puts up with your singing.

...he enjoys things like visiting the SPAM museum, taking a Segway tour of Minneapolis, and learning to make sushi.

...he's teaching you how to do flip turns in the pool.

...he loves your laugh.

...he gets down on one knee and gives you this...