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So, let's see...I think it was Saturday at this point. Today we would do a ring walk to Bagno Vignoni and then back to San Quirico D'Oricia. The total distance was maybe 8 miles or so. I'd read a little bit about Bagno Vignoni and knew that there were thermal pools there so I was looking forward to heading out. Breakfast was lovely. There were quite a few other people there, including a couple with a little baby. The same woman who had checked us in the afternoon before was there getting the breakfast items out, and she just loved that baby. He was pretty cute. Breakfast was the usual - cereal, milk, yogurt, bread, meat, cheese. Croissants. I always tried to really eat a hearty breakfast, since there was a long walk ahead of us.

Enough of the breakfast talk. David and I had seen a few different food shops in town and needed to check one out to see if we could get lunch to go. We could have eaten in Bagno Vignoni, I suppose, but we were sort of in love with the cured meat …

Mud and Mist

Friday morning it was time to head to San Quirico d'Orcia, which for the life of me I still have not figured out how to pronounce. Giacomo told us at one point, but I forgot. I really had trouble with any Italian word with  "c" or a "g" in it. The walk to San Quirico would be about 8.5 miles.

 I was a little sad to leave Montalcino. There were other restaurants I wanted to try, shops I wanted to visit. This means I will just have to go back there someday. I'd also really like to visit more of the enotecas. All for next time.

So, I haven't mentioned this yet, but the day before, I had started to feel a bit of a sore throat. Often times, this is how a cold starts for me. Sore throat for a few days and then the miserable congestion starts. One of the nice things about the Scotch the night before was that it numbed the pain. I was hoping that my throat was sore because I was dehydrated, but when I woke up Friday morning and it still hurt, I knew that wasn…

The day of the dog....

Hey! It's Thursday and now it is Thanksgiving! Well, not now...but on the trip. We celebrated by having this for a snack in the middle of the day! My sister thinks this is totally gross. When I posted on Facebook about having Turkey jerky and Craisens she said, "Gross. Just go out for a nice meal." Yeah...well, we did do that. And I'll get to it...soon.

But first, we woke up Thursday morning and we had the most amazing view of the sunrise. I ran around the room like a kid on Christmas morning. And took a million pictures. I share just one. It's a beaut, isn't it.

So, the first order of the day was breakfast. Croissants! Ham! Juice! Cereal! Yogurt! Cheese! It was pretty nice, and cappuccino made to order. There was even a special little place set for us. It was a very nice breakfast. You can imagine my surprise when I read a review of the hotel on Trip Advisor and someone complained...that there were no eggs. Seriously? This is Italy...not Iowa.

Whatevs. Okay, so…