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Wedding Wednesdays!

After much invitation angst, near meltdowns, snooty paper store employees, and clueless Best Buy printer salespeople, I have moved on from the idea of making my own wedding invitations. Had I started getting serious about it several months ago, I probably would have had the time to find someone to help me design them and a pro printer to take care of that. But, I didn't and I have moved on.

Last week I discovered that there are many people on Etsy that design and sell wedding invitations. Who knew? And what I was seeing filled me with joy. I saw so many ideas that fit in with the "feeling" I want our wedding to have. I can pick the wording I want, choose colors, etc.

I pulled D over to the computer and made him look at a bunch of different designs, all with trees. Since the wedding will be in my dad's backyard, I thought something with a tree would be appropriate. It's not hard to find a wedding invitation with a tree, either.

D really liked one we saw from…

Holy Cow! Is that Yarn? On Needles?

Yeah. It's been a while. Oh, knitting. How I have missed you so.

I got started on a little raglan baby sweater yesterday while I stayed home sniffling and coughing from work. Above is the progress thus far. I hope to finish it up within a week or two and deliver it to the new mommy I know. Here is a link to the pattern in case you want to see what it is that green blob will turn out to be.

Knitting really has been taking a back seat lately to wedding planning, triathlon training, and games. I've once again been sucked into the world of Lego Indiana Jones. Now that I have something started, I think it will be easier to resist the lure of the Xbox.

I did the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon last Sunday and finished comfortably in the top of the bottom third. I feel a little more confident about the other two tri's I am registered for this summer.

As far as wedding plans, it's going great! I just sent a message to someone on Etsy about invites. We b…

My Life Right Now

I thought I should update the blog, even though I have nothing knitting or transit related to write about. I feel the name of my blog has become a joke. Knitting? Transit? Huh?

I've just been really busy lately. If I'm not at the gym, I'm in my new home working with D on consolidating the accumulated "stuff" of two people on their mid-30s. Do we need two crockpots? Two ladles? Where should we hang these pictures? Bookshelves! Bookshelves! We need bookshelves!

We are also deep into honeymoon planning! We will be going for two weeks in November to Dominica and Puerto Rico. While in Dominica we will be staying here. In Puerto Rico we plan to spend a few nights in Old San Juan and a few nights on Vieques at this place. We are very excited for our trip and now I've got a wedding planning binder and a honeymoon planning binder. Woo-hoo! Airfare is booked, some of the lodging. So far, so good.

The big wedding things left to do are invitations, which nee…