Sunday, March 21, 2010

How is the Wedding Planning Going?

David and I just got back from a very quick trip to New Jersey to meet with my friend Lori to start planning our wedding ceremony. Lori works at Princeton Theological Seminary and we thought that meeting in person would be much more effective than trying to do this over the phone.

We had a wonderful visit and I believe we have the beginnings of a wonderful wedding ceremony underway. Lori did a nice job of challenging us to think about what elements we really wanted as part of the ceremony and why. What were the messages we wanted to convey? What tone did we want to set? What did we want to be sure to say to one another and our guests?

It also has made this all seem much more real. Actually reading through vows out loud to one another gave me chills. Yup! It's for real...we are getting married! It's not about the tent or the invitations or the flowers or how many chicken skewers we need or who is providing the ice. It's about the vows and making a commitment and celebrating with family and friends and asking them to share the day with us and support us thereafter.

On a lighter note, we also got to wander around Princeton University a bit and around the the town and of course I spotted a lovely yarn shop called Pins and Needles. Lori and David were more than willing to pop in with me. What a wonderful shop! The women working there were so friendly...I felt so welcome even though we were there very briefly. It was definitely a place that I would love to call my own LYS.

I bought this lovely yarn...Hacho. 100% hand dyed Merino wool from Peru.

I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I'm sure it will be beautiful as just about anything. The women at the store suggested a particular scarf pattern, and now I don't remember which one. I think it may have been the Dropped Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel.

Did I mention the weather was lovely in Princeton? The Magnolias are in bloom.

Love This

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Triathlon Tuesday

Well, I am getting back in the swing of things getting ready for the tri-tri's I am doing this summer. Three tri's...get it?

Yesterday was so beautiful that I was able to run outside along the river. At alternate times my hip, knee, calf and foot hurt. I also need new running shoes as I am getting blisters again. My left knee is still a little sore today, but that's nothing new. It's always a little sore. Maybe I should get that checked out.

The swimming is going well and pretty soon I'll be able to get on my real bike and feel the wind in my hair. I can't wait!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I really enjoyed this article, but mostly for the comments. A British woman writes about some of the stereotypes you see on American television, wondering what is real. The comments are great - all these people from other countries talking about all things like those cups you get at parties for your beer, Twinkies, Chinese food, and more. All sorts of things that seem so normal to us, but I guess they aren't. At least not in England. Apparently, they don't have Twinkies there.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Does this hat make my head look big?

This is the second of the snowflake hats, but I should really say the fourth because I knit it THREE times.

The first time it was huge. It fit on my head. So, I switched needles and knit a different size. Then it was too small. Then I used the smaller needles and knit the larger size...and now it's pretty big again.

You might be wondering why I didn't check gauge. Well, I figured I had a pretty good gauge swatch in the hat I had already done in the same yarn (just a different color). I'm not really sure why all the problems, but I'm done. No more knitting of this hat. Even though my sister looked at it and said, "that would fit an adult's head". Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I will work on mittens while watching the Academy Awards!

In other yarn type news, my stash is now living at D's house. I'm not living there yet, but the yarn is. It seems to be pretty happy there, tucked away in the back room. I'll join it in a few weeks, although I did leave out some yarn that I plan to knit a baby blanket out of.

I'll post a picture of both snowflake hats with mittens and all the details when they are finally all done!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I am entering the third week of my cold that won't go away. My ears are so plugged up I feel like I am on an airplane, right as it starts to descend and your ears go crazy, only there is no landing in sight. No change in altitude. Just plugged up ears, a stuffy nose, and a persistent cough.

I did find this concoction the other day though and tried it last night. I boiled some water, added about 5 or six thin ginger slices, a healthy squeeze of a lemon, and two generous squirts of Siracha sauce.

Wow! So good...I'm not sure if it really helped me feel better, but it tasted so good I may drink this on a regular basis. I didn't bring the ingredients with me to work and I can't wait to get home and have some more. Yum yum yum! Check out the comments on that article to see how others are using Siracha. Mmmm....Siracha on waffles!

The other thing I tried with this cold was honey for my cough. That is what the Little Guy gets for his coughs so I thought I'd give it a try. It really worked! I think I took two scant tablespoons of honey and was able to sleep fine.

Got any other good, natural cold remedies? Send them my way!