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It was a rainy day in Florence....

I had an espresso yesterday about 3:00, so as you can imagine, I had trouble sleeping last night. David and I did manage got get up relatively early and after a breakfast of prosciutto, bread, yogurt, and apple we did some reconnaissance to figure out where we will catch the bus to Siena tomorrow. Thank goodness we did because it was a little harder to find than I expected and I would not have wanted to try and and do that with my backpack.

Of course, it was my cute outfit had to stay behind. Also, the streets were filled with guys trying to see umbrellas. There is always someone trying to sell you something. Why doesn't that happen back home? We just don't have that as part of our culture. Sure, there are the kiosk people at the mall, and the clipboard people, and homeless guys at every intersection, but there is not as much annoying sales back home. You know...the people who come up to you in a restaurant and try to sell you a watch.

Well, anyway... We had a bu…

There is a blogger app!

And now I am trying it.

This is another photo from the restroom. What's her face from Canada just really likes people to know where she has been.

Not sure how to get the photos in here.

Look! A carousel!

After a good night's sleep

So, I gotta say...I just spent a lot of time crafting a particularly witty blog post, and blogger saw fit to have some sort of crazy error and it was all gone.
The other problem with using the iPad for updating the blog is that I can't actually scroll all the way up and down the page. So, all those photos at the bottom of this? I have no clue what order they are in or which ones are actually there. So, uh....sorry about that. Hopefully you can figure out what they are. 
So, David and I tried mighty hard to stay up until 9 pm last night, but we just could not do it. We finally gave up at 6 pm consoling ourselves with the fact that we had been up for over 24 hours and surely we would sleep at least 12 hours.
We both woke up around midnight, and golly, I felt really really awake. So, we took some Advil PM. I figured we get at least 6 more hours out of that.
And 10 hours later....
Our first stop of the day was the Accademia, where you can see the David, and quite honestly, not a whole lot …

Italy Day 1

There is a point, right before any trip starts, when you realize that you are about to spend 14 hours traveling and will not be able to really sleep in a bed again for over 24 hours. At that moment a sense of dread kicks in.

This was not that moment.

Before every trip, David and I hit Surdyk's Flights at the airport. We each had a wine flight and a sandwich, and wrapped it up with a very lemony lemon bar. Eventually, we had to head to our gate, which is when that feeling of dread kicked in.

That, and I have a question: if federal regulations allow only one carry on and one personal item, why don't the airlines enforce it?

Flights in short - I still think Schilpol Airport in Amsterdam is awful (and we have to go through there in the way back), lots of crying babies, could not sleep.

But, here we are in Italy! I've already facetimed with my sister twice (ain't technology grand?), we have been to the grocery store, and visited a little market near the Santa Maria Novella…

Paul Bunyan

So, David and I are headed to Italy this week! This post is really a test post to see how easy/difficult/annoying it will be to update my blog using the iPad. So far, so good.

If I don't need to bring my little computer with me, it would just be easier to leave it at home. One less thing to carry.

You might be asking yourself, what is with all the pictures of Paul Bunyan. Just practicing adding pics using the iPad.

Today we did a test pack, where we got everything together just to check things out. Seems like we did pretty good. Well, I think this will work. It is a little annoying, but I think I'll survive. La la. La.