Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Days!

WoW! I really cannot believe the big day is almost here. My owls are on their way and hopefully will get here in time. David and I both took the entire week off, and quite frankly, today I am kind of sitting around wondering what to do with myself. David is too.

I'm still really glad we took the whole week. We've done a little bit each day and I think if we were trying to cram it all into two or three days we'd be feeling really stressed out.

So, yesterday we biked about 20 miles. We headed over to the Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun for lunch and were very disappointed by this sign.

I really, really wanted the fish tacos. But, it was over 90 degrees yesterday and 70% humidity, so I don't blame them for not wanting to cook.

Today, Gigi and I did some girly shopping and then had lunch at Sea Salt. I had the catfish po-boy and she the crabcake sandwich and we both had gazpacho. I would have taken a photo, but by the time we got our food I was so hungry I just devoured it.

I did get a picture of Minnehaha Falls and my lovely sister.

Then Gigi took David to Cupcake (it is his birthday today) while I did some prep on his wedding gift. Tonight we are going to head to Sapor for a little birthday dinner.

I know the next two days will not be this relaxed. Tomorrow the tent and other rentals arrive, Lori, our officiant comes to town, we have to set stuff up and rehearse. That's when I think we'll remember the little things we have forgotten. I think it will be a beautiful day though. I can't wait!

Monday we saw this random rainbow in the sky. It hadn't rained and it was just sort of a rainbow piece. Strange, yet beautiful.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Week!

Well, it's now 6 days. I missed the one week mark, but came close enough, I think.

Yesterday, after enjoying watching the Tour de France at the Birchwood Cafe with friends, D and I loaded up the Jetta with A TON of stuff and headed to my dad's house. Lots of beer, wine, games, napkins, cups, and a bunch of other random stuff.

The car was pretty full.

After running all over town to find tissue paper for those pom-poms, we finally made it out there, poured some champagne, and got to work.

This is when the pom-pom plan was abandoned.

When I made the practice pom-pom, I had some pretty high quality tissue paper. It was thicker and stronger and made a pretty nice looking pom. The stuff I bought yesterday was pretty flimsy, plus the only orange I could find was Halloween orange.

As I sat there with my champagne, folding and fluffing the paper, I thought, "This kind of sucks. And then I have to hang them all up." Then the finished product was not good. The cheaper tissue paper made for a cheaper pom-pom. I did not like them. I told my disappointed niece that we would not be making these and I would be returning the rest of the tissue paper.

One less thing to do for the wedding! Yay! We spent the afternoon making little tags for people to sign and hang on one of the trees in the yard as an alternative to a guest book. We also put together bags of crayons, stickers, and canvas puppets to color on for the kids. So, it was still a pretty productive day. We are going to head out again today and bring over a few things we forgot and also do some yard work.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I am going to get my owls! Yay!

You can see them here. Those aren't my exact owls, but you get the idea.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

17 days and counting. I prefer not to think about how close the wedding is and would rather lull myself into a false sense that I have all the time in the world to get stuff done! Whenever someone mentions how close it is, I freak out just a little bit inside.

That being said, there is a lot that is done. Our wedding bands arrived today. We have most of the beer and wine. Details are finalized with the caterer. And I might be getting some stuffed (plush...not dead) owls any day now...but maybe not.

I thought I'd focus today on something that has been done for some time: our wedding invitations! I know I posted after they were mailed, but I never showed them off. Warning: as with all photos on my blog, picture quality leaves much to be desired. Click on the picture to make it bigger - it looks better that way.

We ordered these from Stelie Designs through Etsy. This began a long wedding love affair with Etsy and after the wedding I'll blog about how much stuff I wound up getting there. I only wish I had started searching there months earlier.

I love these invitations. I love the two owls sitting in the tree, I love the heart with our initials carved on the trunk, I love that they are simple and capture the mood that I hope will prevail at our wedding: fun, festive, and full-of-love (had to go for the alliteration there).

David and I had a whole wedding invitation plan, and it didn't involve owls or trees. But after much frustration, I sat down one day and read a website that linked to a cool invite with bicycles and that linked to a whole google images search page of invitations with bicycles and that linked to Etsy and that linked to lots of other invites...and there were these owls.

What I really liked was the tree. Since the wedding will be in my dad's yard, surrounded by trees, I got excited about going with a tree themed invitation. I bookmarked a few different Etsy possibilities to show David. We browsed through them and when we got to the owls, he got a little excited. As excited as a guy would get about wedding invitations, but they were the first ones that he actually seemed to have a strong opinion about. He liked the owls.

I was surprised, and a little skeptical. I was not sold on the owls. BUT...I did not tell him this. We'd had a conversation about being open to each other's ideas and I thought this was the perfect time for me to try out my new "not saying no right away" tactic. So, I told him I wanted to think about it, I sat in the chair and knit for about 15 minutes, and then said, "Ok. Let's go with the owls".

I contacted Stephanie to check on colors and I ordered a sample invite which arrived about two days later. And I LOVED it. It was perfect! And better yet, she is local and I felt good about supporting a local business person. And here is my little plug: if you need invitations or something, check out her Etsy shop. The whole process was so easy and I love the invitations. She also made mailing label wraps that wrap around the envelope and those were pretty cool, although my attempts with the first few were a little crooked.

She also did our wedding programs, but you'll have to wait until after the wedding to see those.

I liked the wedding invitations so much that when we needed some invites for the joint reception we are having in August with David's brother and his soon-to-be wife Rebekah that I contacted Stephanie. I picked the Tyler invitations and here they are! Click the picture to embiggen.

They look great. My pictures don't do either justice, but if you go to Stelie Designs on Etsy you can see the samples.

I'm sure the wedding will be as lovely as the invitations. Now, I just hope I get those plushie owls.