Well, hello summer!

My family has encouraged me to not give up the blog - even though I have not posted anything since April. They are so sweet to tell me I should keep it up.

So, what have I been up to the last few months? A little of this, a little of that. A triathlon here, sheep and wool festival there, travel to AZ here, knitting there.


  • trying out clipless pedals on the road bike. Do not like. Three falls and a lot of anxiety later, I am thinking of giving them up. I know, I know...stick it out, don't give up, it takes time. But, I feel it has come down to: Do I want to enjoy riding my bike and feel safe? Or keep trying to use these pedals that I have started to feel tense just thinking about them? Hmmmm.

  • 5-year old birthday party injury. Yes, I got "slide burn" on my elbow while in the bouncy slide thing at the Little Guy's 5th birthday party. It goes nicely with the crazy ankle scar from when I fell off my bike the third time.

  • Tour de France: so sad for Andy Schleck. Really wanted him to win this year. Sigh. But, good on you Cadel Evans!

  • MN Twins: yay! Argh! Yay! Argh.

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class: I am not my thoughts.

  • Friends and Family: the best ever. ever. ever.

  • Recently, I had the chance to play catch with the Little Guy, D, and Gigi. What fun and the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. I would post pictures, but as I went in to get my camera, he got hit in the face with the ball and that was the end of that. He hasn't quite gotten the whole, "move your arms, move your body if needed" thing down yet.

This weekend D and I head to Lanesboro, MN to celebrate our first anniversary. Yay! I'll be sure to update you with some pics of the wonderful food we will eat at the Scandinavian Inn!


tandemingtroll said…
Yay! I have been missing your blog.

Can I post some help with clipless pedals from someone who is paranoid about falling and not in the greatest shape? 1. If you can adjust the tension, adjust it to the lightest tension; 2. Shorten your rides. My legs have a harder time as the ride goes on in unclipping. If you are finding it more difficult to do as the ride progresses, turn around and start back home, even if it is not your "standard" milage. Your strength will build up over time. 3. I start unclipping half a block away to make sure that I unclip in time. I am superparanoid about falling because nowadays, I usually have kids attached.

Happy Anniversary!
Anonymous said…
Yea a new post. Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said…
Glad you haven't given up on the blog!
Rachel said…
I will have to follow your blog!

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