Upcoming Plans

Hello! Yeah, so...the blog isn't really my first priority these days (how many times have I said something similar? Hmmmm).

So, I have been doing some knitting. Here is proof.

Will post details on the pattern later, but it is from my Vintage Baby Knits book which I purchased for the cute factor. Note to self - back in vintage times, most baby patterns were knit on size 1 or 2 needles. This, a "quick" baby project is actually not so quick. No matter...I am knitting this large enough that I have plenty of time! Ha! Ha ha!

I am also looking for small, portable project to take with me when D and I head to...Italy!

Yes...the two of us are going to Italy in November. I have a feeling we'll get rained on a bit, but oh well.

Here's the deets:
We are flying into Florence and will spend a couple days there. I've rented a cute little apartment for us with the most darling tiny kitchen you have ever seen! So, we'll sort of wander about for a few days and then head to Siena, where we will begin an 8 day self-guided walking tour of Tuscany! We will walk from town to town (if it is very rainy, we can hitch a ride with our luggage) around Tuscany and eat much food and drink much wine! Then we had back to Florence, where I've secured another adorable apartment (with Wifi and a washer and dryer!) and we'll spend a few more days there, pretending to be Italian, maybe a day trip or two, before we head home.

How did this all come about? Well, our Budget Travel magazine arrived in July and there was an article about this woman and her mom and sister who did this walking tour of Tuscany. I read it and said to D, "We should do this!" and he was sort of like, "ok". About the only other thing I've done so implusively was drive to Wal-Mart to purchase a "You've Got Mail" on VHS after seeing a commercial that said. "Own it today!" So I did. The tour is through this company, Girosole. We have puchased the tour, airfarre, lodging in Florence, and have been researching bus and train transport for day trips an whatnot. We are super exicted and I can't wait to share photos and such on the blog.

Only 70 days!!!


Liz said…
Sounds like a great trip! Hope the weather is perfect for you!

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