Wedding Wednesdays

What happened to Triathlon Tuesdays? I haven't had much to write, but once things slow down here at work, I'll pick up with that again.

I thought Wedding Wednesdays had a nice ring to it, but I promise my blog won't be taken over by wedding details. So, far the planning is going well. The date is July 31st, we are meeting with caterers and will have one picked by the end of the month, and I've narrowed down my dress choices and will make a final decision next week. We also have an officiant.

The next big thing I'll then work on is flowers. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I do have a few leads to start with. Of course there are a lot of little things to do, but once I have my big items that we need to hire (food, flowers, officiant) I'll start to think about those things.

On to some knitting news! I received an e-mail from an old co-worker last week. I knit her daughter a hat out of Malabrigo Green Spark nearly three years ago, and recently it got thrown in the wash where it shrunk. She wanted to know if I'd be willing to knit a new hat, plus a mittens, and a hat and mittens set for the baby she is expecting next week!

She offered to pay me and I told her that wasn't really necessary, but I had just gotten engaged and didn't think I'd have anything ready until mid-February. That was fine with her, and as a bonus, she said her husband is trying to build his photography portfolio and would love to take engagement photos of us in exchange for the hats and mittens. How cool is that? She sent me some samples and his pictures are great and exactly the style I would want. So, we have that to set up.

There is even more coolness to this story! She said that her daughter is very upset about the hat and wanted me to fix it, not knit a new one. I said I'd do my best to match the color, but since I bought it three years ago, I wasn't too optimistic. But, I looked I Ravelrey, and lo and behold...there was one skein that a woman in Minneapolis wanted to sell. Yay! I think it's a good omen!

I'll post pics of the hats as soon as they are done. I'm up to the decrease section of hat number 1 already.


Orinda5 said…
Do you remember Dan Z (violinist) from High School? His mom did my flowers, and I loved them.

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