It's Not Knitting...

But it is crafty.

I saw this idea on the Martha Stewart weddings for some tissue paper pom-poms. We'll have a tent at the wedding, and I was thinking of having paper lanterns for decoration. Then I came across this which would be much cheaper.

Not being Martha Stewart, I wasn't sure I' d be able to achieve this look, so I bought some floral wire and tissue paper yesterday. This morning, while still in my pj's, I decided to give it a try. This is the quick and dirty, less than 5 minute pom-pom I made.

Not bad, eh? A pack of tissue paper is 99 cents. The floral wire was $1.99 for what looks to be a lot of wire. Imagine if I get some crafty people to help me and we focus on folding and cutting the ends nicely, I think they'll look very pretty.

I'd like to have dahlias for flowers, and these pom-poms remind me of them.


Just KT said…
v. cute...let me know if/when you need my crafting assistance.
Anonymous said…
I made those for my sister-in-laws baby shower they turned out super cute!

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