Holy Cow! Is that Yarn? On Needles?

Yeah. It's been a while. Oh, knitting. How I have missed you so.

I got started on a little raglan baby sweater yesterday while I stayed home sniffling and coughing from work. Above is the progress thus far. I hope to finish it up within a week or two and deliver it to the new mommy I know. Here is a link to the pattern in case you want to see what it is that green blob will turn out to be.

Knitting really has been taking a back seat lately to wedding planning, triathlon training, and sadly...video games. I've once again been sucked into the world of Lego Indiana Jones. Now that I have something started, I think it will be easier to resist the lure of the Xbox.

I did the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon last Sunday and finished comfortably in the top of the bottom third. I feel a little more confident about the other two tri's I am registered for this summer.

As far as wedding plans, it's going great! I just sent a message to someone on Etsy about invites. We booked a place for the rehearsal dinner. The tent lady was out at my dad's this week and we decided to get a bigger tent and more tables and chairs. It's all coming together.

Back to knitting!


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