Wedding Wednesdays!

After much invitation angst, near meltdowns, snooty paper store employees, and clueless Best Buy printer salespeople, I have moved on from the idea of making my own wedding invitations. Had I started getting serious about it several months ago, I probably would have had the time to find someone to help me design them and a pro printer to take care of that. But, I didn't and I have moved on.

Last week I discovered that there are many people on Etsy that design and sell wedding invitations. Who knew? And what I was seeing filled me with joy. I saw so many ideas that fit in with the "feeling" I want our wedding to have. I can pick the wording I want, choose colors, etc.

I pulled D over to the computer and made him look at a bunch of different designs, all with trees. Since the wedding will be in my dad's backyard, I thought something with a tree would be appropriate. It's not hard to find a wedding invitation with a tree, either.

D really liked one we saw from Stelie Designs. What's really cool is that she is local and the mother of two sets of twins! You can see the design we picked here. Aren't they cute? I'm just waiting to hear back from her about the next steps for actually ordering. I am very excited!

She also has a blog you can check out here.

So, now D and I need to decide on the invitation wording! I've been searching for different wording ideas and leave to Offbeat Bride to have a post titled, "Wedding invitation wording that won't make you barf". That's what I am going for.

We're about three months out from the wedding. It still feels weird to me to say "my wedding". Eeek! I can' wait!


Anonymous said…
Congrats! That's a big step.

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