Wedding Wednesday

Well, as you can see by the ticker at the top of the page, the big day is about six weeks away. David and I have this great list of things to do, divided into A, B, and C priorities and divvied up as to who is in charge of what. I'll admit, I have slacked a bit on some of my "A" responsibilities. I hope to rectify that situation today.

I have been in major Etsy shopping mode for the last few weeks. As you know, the invitations were purchases on Etsy. I have also bought some gifts for my bridesmaids and right-hand-woman on Etsy as well. Recently, I purchased this ring-bearer bowl.

What the heck is that? Well, I heard about these from some forum I was reading about alternatives to ring bearer pillows. The Little Guy will be the ring bearer, so we need something for him to carry. I am not a fan of the pillow. What would I do with it afterward? I heard about these bowls and love the idea. There is a ribbon at the top to tie the rings on. After the wedding, it's a keepsake and has a practical use as well. I keep most of my jewelry in little bowls, so this is perfect.

This is from Paloma's Nest. We picked this particular one because there will be a tree used as part of the wedding ceremony. Also, we will be surrounded by trees in my dad's backyard and there is a tree on the wedding invitation. It just seemed to fit. It's a beautiful little dish and my photo really doesn't do it justice.

In other wedding related news that I know isn't very interesting to most of you, I have my wedding shoes, wedding headband, wedding unmentionables, and David went suit shopping last night. I think he'll look spiffy.

Over half the invitees have responded! At first I was sad that we couldn't invite all the people we really wanted to. I'm still sad about that. But so far the responses have been overwhelmingly "yes", so I know we will be surrounded by close friends and family. I can't wait!


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