Another Wedding Wednesday

My sister suggested I update my blog, so here goes!

This past weekend was my very fun bachelorette party! Yay! Look at all these lovely ladies that came to celebrate with me!

We had dinner at Subo and you can see our very cool waiter, Neil, in the picture as well. I love this place! They have an amazing drink called "Grounds for Divorce" which is Jameson and ginger liqueur on the rocks. That drink was one of the main reasons I wanted to go there...the other was the amazing food.

One of the other stops was Nye's where we sang a few tunes at the piano bar and danced the polka with some guys from a bachelor party.

My friend Carrie made really fun little gift bags for everyone, complete with name tags, and my friend Kym rented a limo for the night. So, we had a wonderful, wonderful time. David has his bachelor party this weekend. I wonder what kind of fun the guys will have?

Wedding plans are going well. Every time I am out at my dad's house I am struck by how beautiful it is and I am so happy we are getting married there.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but over Memorial Day weekend we went to Madison, WI (Gigi, The Little Guy, David, and I). We visited with my grandpa and I asked him for marriage advice. He is now 99 years old and he and my grandmother were married for 73 years. His advice: Don't argue. He said he and my grandmother never argued. They would discuss things if there was a disagreement, but not argue about it. Good advice I think. People often say that arguing is healthy, but David and I don't really argue. I've often wondered if that was a problem, but if that is the advice from my grandpa, I'm going to stop wondering.


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