After a good night's sleep

So, I gotta say...I just spent a lot of time crafting a particularly witty blog post, and blogger saw fit to have some sort of crazy error and it was all gone.

The other problem with using the iPad for updating the blog is that I can't actually scroll all the way up and down the page. So, all those photos at the bottom of this? I have no clue what order they are in or which ones are actually there. So, uh....sorry about that. Hopefully you can figure out what they are. 

So, David and I tried mighty hard to stay up until 9 pm last night, but we just could not do it. We finally gave up at 6 pm consoling ourselves with the fact that we had been up for over 24 hours and surely we would sleep at least 12 hours.

We both woke up around midnight, and golly, I felt really really awake. So, we took some Advil PM. I figured we get at least 6 more hours out of that.

And 10 hours later....

Our first stop of the day was the Accademia, where you can see the David, and quite honestly, not a whole lot else. It's actually a pretty small museum. One people wait in line hours to see. I bought tickets ahead of time we skipped all that mess.

The David is AMAZING. Did you know he is 17 feet tall. Just awesome and powerful and I could have sat there all day.

Alas, I was hungry. Can't have that. We wandered around and stopped at a gelato place. Since I don't know Italian very well, I wound up ordering enough gelato for a small family. So, that was pretty much my lunch.

At first, when we got to Florence, I sort of made fun of people because they were all wearing their puffy coats, like it was about to freeze over at any minute, when in reality it's like 57 degrees. But dang, it feels a lot colder and I longed for a puffy coat. I also made a poor shoe choice ands the tops of my feet were cold. I really wanted to be able to write a witty caption for the photo below of me doing my "this is what I am wearing today" photo...something about regretting my shoe choice. But I can't because blogger on the iPad is stupid. Maybe there is a blogger app?

Anyway, so's a little chilly, and it was nice and cool in the Duomo. 

Which I am sure is great in the summer when it is really hot and there are hordes of tourists. I was a wee bit cold as we did our audio tour. David and I love us some audio tours (I think that line needs to make it into the holiday card).

The Duomo is really cool...actually it is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. But everyone just seems to call it the Duomo. We could not climb the 463 stairs to the top of the dome, nor could we go down into the crypt, both of which were very disappointing. But, we were just sort of winging it today and sometimes you go places that are closed. Oh well.

We did climb the bell tower, which had lovely views. And we laughed with some French guy about all the stairs and how you think you are at the top, but you just keep going. 

All this activity made me thirsty, so we found a little place and had a bad pizza and good wine. Yes, bad pizza does exist in Italy. I've had it.

We had over to the Piazza Della Signora,  where there are some statues (Perseus with Medusa's head) and a replica of the David.

 It is also where the Palazzo Vecchio is.  Oh, and we also wandered through some markets and another square where we some the same gypsy woman who asked us for money yesterday and would not go away. 

We had dinner at a lovely little trattoria. But I'd really like to head back to the place in the photo below and get some candy!

I am not sure what I am doing here. Everyone else was rubbing this boar's nose, so I did too.


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