Italy Day 1

Exhibit A - our super cute kitchen

There is a point, right before any trip starts, when you realize that you are about to spend 14 hours traveling and will not be able to really sleep in a bed again for over 24 hours. At that moment a sense of dread kicks in.

This was not that moment.

Before every trip, David and I hit Surdyk's Flights at the airport. We each had a wine flight and a sandwich, and wrapped it up with a very lemony lemon bar. Eventually, we had to head to our gate, which is when that feeling of dread kicked in.

That, and I have a question: if federal regulations allow only one carry on and one personal item, why don't the airlines enforce it?

Flights in short - I still think Schilpol Airport in Amsterdam is awful (and we have to go through there in the way back), lots of crying babies, could not sleep.

But, here we are in Italy! I've already facetimed with my sister twice (ain't technology grand?), we have been to the grocery store, and visited a little market near the Santa Maria Novella, where we picked up some cheese and bread and then had a yummy yummy sandwich.

We were also accosted by a gypsy who would not go away. At least the guy selling necklaces left us alone. Ugh. So awful.

So, now it is 4:00 and I really want to sleep, but David and I are forcing ourselves to stay awake and get on Italy time. It is sad, but here I am in Florence and I just want to stay in the apartment (which is super cute by the way...exhibit A above) But we have great plans for tomorrow and I can't wait to tell you all about it.


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