Some New Additions

Some new yarn has come into my life. It is safely stashed away now, awaiting its transformation into something lovely.

First up, is some Kollage Yarns Cornucopia, two skeins each of Antique Lace and Riverview. The fiber content is 100% corn. I got this at Monica's, a yarn shop in Park Rapids, MN. We stopped in Park Rapids for lunch on the way to the cabin over Valentine's weekend. I needed some size 4 DPNs (for some reason, I have two sets of size 3 DPNs, two sets of size 6 DPNs, but no size 4) and this yarn was on clearance, 50% off.

I really thought I was buying the same weight as the pink corn yarn I already had, but it isn't. This is thicker, almost like a ribbon yarn. The pinkI have is Corntastic. This is Cornucopia. Not sure what I will do with it, but baby blanket comes to mind.

The next yarn is from France! Squee! Pretty cool, eh? A few months ago, I got a request from a Raveler for the Tahki Donegal Tweed I had in my stash as "trade/sell". This was the yarn I made my dad's sweater out of, and I had about two skeins left. I really don't like to mess around with money, especially between here and France, so I just told her I would send it to her, no charge, and trust that the knitting karma would come back around. I've had a few good "knitting karma" experiences on Ravelry.

Last week she sent me this lovely wool yarn. She stated, "I think it still smells a bit sheepy". It's 100% wool and and although I am not sure of the name of the yarn, I believe it comes from this shop, breizh gloan. The tag also says" La Laine a Tricoter des Marches" which is something about wool and knitting and walking. My French is pretty rusty.

I will now be on the lookout for the perfect project for this yarn. Any ideas?


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