Wedding Wednesdays

Look! It's me in a wedding dress.

But NOT my wedding dress! PSYCH!

It is lovely, though, no? If you want to see my dress, send me a message on Facebook or Ravelry.

We are winding down the main wedding to-dos: flowers, food, officiant, venue, all have been set. Photographers are being met with. We'll meet with our officiant next month to start planning the ceremony (she lives in NJ). I know there are still a lot of "big" things to do (invitations, rehearsal dinner, what I will wear on my head) but I feel pretty good with where we are. Every now and then I sort of freak out, mostly when I look at the to-do lists printed in wedding magazines or on the Knot. Those things are great to help you remember all the little things, but they can also stress you out!

On another note, we are now the proud owners of 18 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Guess what we are having at my wedding reception?

I wish I could say my triathlon training is going as well, but I've had a miserable cold for the last week and a half and haven't done much of anything. Sigh.


Just KT said…
Love the mint ones! Will those really last until July??? Not at my house they wouldn't!!

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