Triathlon Tuesday

Well, I am getting back in the swing of things getting ready for the tri-tri's I am doing this summer. Three tri's...get it?

Yesterday was so beautiful that I was able to run outside along the river. At alternate times my hip, knee, calf and foot hurt. I also need new running shoes as I am getting blisters again. My left knee is still a little sore today, but that's nothing new. It's always a little sore. Maybe I should get that checked out.

The swimming is going well and pretty soon I'll be able to get on my real bike and feel the wind in my hair. I can't wait!


Eric said…
Come visit! You could be on the bike right now!
Michelle said…
Alas...all my vacation time is accounted for between the wedding and the honeymoon! But, it's getting pretty nice here so I think I'll be out there in no time.

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