Does this hat make my head look big?

This is the second of the snowflake hats, but I should really say the fourth because I knit it THREE times.

The first time it was huge. It fit on my head. So, I switched needles and knit a different size. Then it was too small. Then I used the smaller needles and knit the larger size...and now it's pretty big again.

You might be wondering why I didn't check gauge. Well, I figured I had a pretty good gauge swatch in the hat I had already done in the same yarn (just a different color). I'm not really sure why all the problems, but I'm done. No more knitting of this hat. Even though my sister looked at it and said, "that would fit an adult's head". Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I will work on mittens while watching the Academy Awards!

In other yarn type news, my stash is now living at D's house. I'm not living there yet, but the yarn is. It seems to be pretty happy there, tucked away in the back room. I'll join it in a few weeks, although I did leave out some yarn that I plan to knit a baby blanket out of.

I'll post a picture of both snowflake hats with mittens and all the details when they are finally all done!


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