Three Days!

WoW! I really cannot believe the big day is almost here. My owls are on their way and hopefully will get here in time. David and I both took the entire week off, and quite frankly, today I am kind of sitting around wondering what to do with myself. David is too.

I'm still really glad we took the whole week. We've done a little bit each day and I think if we were trying to cram it all into two or three days we'd be feeling really stressed out.

So, yesterday we biked about 20 miles. We headed over to the Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun for lunch and were very disappointed by this sign.

I really, really wanted the fish tacos. But, it was over 90 degrees yesterday and 70% humidity, so I don't blame them for not wanting to cook.

Today, Gigi and I did some girly shopping and then had lunch at Sea Salt. I had the catfish po-boy and she the crabcake sandwich and we both had gazpacho. I would have taken a photo, but by the time we got our food I was so hungry I just devoured it.

I did get a picture of Minnehaha Falls and my lovely sister.

Then Gigi took David to Cupcake (it is his birthday today) while I did some prep on his wedding gift. Tonight we are going to head to Sapor for a little birthday dinner.

I know the next two days will not be this relaxed. Tomorrow the tent and other rentals arrive, Lori, our officiant comes to town, we have to set stuff up and rehearse. That's when I think we'll remember the little things we have forgotten. I think it will be a beautiful day though. I can't wait!

Monday we saw this random rainbow in the sky. It hadn't rained and it was just sort of a rainbow piece. Strange, yet beautiful.


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