A Very Etsy Wedding

Now that it has been several weeks since the wedding, I should probably get around to posting about all the cool wedding stuff we got on Etsy. It started with the invitations. I hadn't spent too much time on Etsy, but once I got the invitations there, I started checking it just about every day. So many wonderful, beautiful things! A few weeks before the wedding, I had to stop myself from looking!

I've already shown off the invitations we got from Stelie Designs. They were the olive tree wedding invitation. She also did programs for us. I was so happy with how they turned out, and glad I followed her advice to only order one per couple/party. We still had a bunch left over.

I particularly enjoyed shopping for my bridesmaids on Etsy. The showcase on Etsy is a great place to browse and find some of the best of Etsy. That's where I found tagodesign. This shop is located in Japan. In addition to her bags being lovely, how cool was it to get gifts from Japan? I bought mini Granny bags for all the gals. They were beautiful and well received.

Each bag was stuffed with some Japanese newspapers! They enjoyed reading those...so much that I had to point out that there was more than just newspaper in the bag!

Inside was also a necklace for each from Pear and Peacock. I heart this shop. I first bought a necklace at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. After David proposed, one of the first things I decided was that I wanted to get necklaces from Pear and Peacock for my bridesmaids. I also got one for my friend Molly who did my makeup for me. Each necklace I opened was more beautiful than the last. The next Renegade Craft Fair is September 11th. If it weren't for the fact that the St. Paul Bike Classic is the next day, I would be mighty tempted to go to Chicago to thank her in person.

Speaking of necklaces, my sister found these lovely necklaces from it's beautiful. They were perfect! Not too dainty...the black matched the dresses...the orange matched the flowers. I was so excited to find these and got very lucky that she had three. She put two more up for me to order, and before I could get to them, someone swooped in and ordered one. She had one more, and I got it! Yay!

Then of course, there were the owls! You must check out the shop for Pink Perch. I think she may still be on vacation, but if you check out the sales on her shop, you will see the cutest mobiles ever. By the time I got around to ordering the owls, I noticed that they weren't listed on her shop anymore. Turns out she was going on vacation, but she still made two owls for me to use for our owl tree. I'll post more about the owl tree soon...I'm waiting to get a decent picture from someone.

As I started this post, I realized I didn't get pictures of our water bottle labels! We ordered them form Natalilly Designs. Ours were like the one in the picture (click on the link), only with yellow and orange dots. We got the little mini water bottles, which I think is the way to go. We got larger water bottles for the picnic last weekend and there were a lot of half-full bottles laying around.

Last but not least, we ordered our wedding bands from Titanium Knights. I don't have a picture, but those are the ones we ordered (click on the link). We love them. David really liked the idea of continuing with the Etsy theme and getting our wedding bands there too. He also liked the price! We got them about three days after ordering.

Actually, I lied. I do have a sort-of picture of them on the ring-bearer bowl that we ordered from Paloma's Nest. I'll admit, I didn't put much effort into making them look pretty on the ring bearer bowl (I used the string that came with it and my dad tied an easy to remove knot). I've posted about the bowl before. It said "Two branches, one tree" which fit in nicely with the unity tree ceremony we had.

And doesn't the Little Guy look handsome carrying it down the aisle? He did a great job! And look - he let someone put his tiny boutonniere in his pocket. Before the wedding, he was having none of that. He absolutely refused to let the florist pin it on him. His little flowers are still sitting on my computer.

That's it! All the wonderful Etsty finds I made while planning the wedding. Please check out their shops if you are so inclined. Each was so easy to work with and really does make lovely items.


Anonymous said…
Looks like you got a lot of cool stuff. Woo hoo!
jenn said…
love all the etsy finds! I will be at renegade...and will miss you. I'll have to wear the pear and peacock earrings soon.
dad4life said…
Awfully quiet here lately, if not for facebook, I would have thought you dropped outta sight!

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