Report from the RNC

In the end, I couldn't resist the pull of thousands of suited Republicans in St. Paul and D and I headed downtown last night to check things out. Actually, that's a lie. What compelled me down there was my support of St. Paul business. The Pioneer Press reported yesterday on how dismal business was for some of the restaurants and shops around the convention. I figured, "Well, if the Republicans won't eat there, I WILL!"

After work we headed to Cosetta's. As you can see...definite lack of Republicans. They were all outside on the street. I have to say, in my Ravelry t-shirt and Chacos, I felt a little out of place.

This is as close as we could get to the Excel Energy Center. It looks like the city is on lockdown.

While we were just standing around, Sean Hannity passed right by us. I've never watched a day of Fox News in my life, so I would not have known this if someone nearby had not pointed him out. Then I snapped pictures like a good blogger.

We then walked about a mile out of the way to get to the other side of the Excel. Please see photo above of large fence for explanation as to why this long trek was necessary. At least we got some exercise.

The trek was worth it. We made it to Rice Park, where all the action was happening. MSNBC is broadcasting live, and I had an unobstructed view of Chris Matthews and his hair. Everyone at that table was on their cell phone. I heard someone say that was Pat Buchanan to the far left...not sure about that.

It was almost time to go live, so the hair and makeup people swooped in!

We could also see the teleprompter. Exciting, I know.

Here is a view once they went live. Look! There is the back of Chris Matthews...and there is the front of him on TV! I suppose if we had moved a little to our left and jumped up and down you may have seen me bouncing around behind his big head.

Rice Park was full of people and this is where we saw some protesters and other colorful characters.
We did not run in to any anarchists, which was just as well. I did see some police with very big guns, and this gentlemen was kind enough to pose for me.

About 8:00 we headed home, me with my souvenir from MSNBC.

I think I enjoyed most seeing where all the different police officers were from. There were cops from Arlington, TX; Tempe, AZ; Tuscon, AZ; Elgin, IL; and Milwaukee, WI. Those were the officers we saw. We had a nice chat with an officer from Milwaukee. D used his new iPhone to give him baseball updates. Technology: bringing people together at the RNC.


Anonymous said…
I guess the action for protest was in Minneapolis last night. I was hoping that DT Mpls would not be too affected by the RNC but getting around all week has been a bear. All these Republicans with their credentials (with an elephant logo) walking around. Large buses to carry them to St. Paul and this morning 2nd St by the Hilton was closed so my bus had to detour. (Funny that the detour went in front of the Hilton but not in back. Guess McCain was getting ready to leave.)

Seeing the Fox news crew and so many Republicans in one place would have been too much for me--hooray for the protestors!!

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