Anti-Valentine's Day

I'm not wild about Valentine's Day. Why designate one day of the year to show people you love them? Why not just do that everyday?

D and I have never really done anything special for Valentine's Day. I can't even remember if we saw each other last year on Valentine's Day!

This year, I want to do have an Anti-Valentine's Day. I want to spend the day with D, but do things that are the opposite of what you might do on Valentine's Day. So far, the only thing I have come up with is watching a horror movie. Since neither of us like horror movies, we probably won't do that, but I am looking for things in that spirit.

Please help me. Leave any ideas you might have in comments. If you leave an idea and we do that, you'll get a special treat. Probably chocolate. Or Gummy Bears if you prefer that sort of thing.


Gigi said…
How about coming over to babysit my child! Think that will take you out of an "romantic" valentines mood.
Meema said…
How about giving the gift of compost rather than roses?

BTW, I totally agree with you on this holiday (many others come to mind as well). Does the greeting card industry really need to pigeonhole our expression?
kovertoom said…
Why not decide on your own Valentine's Day? Recently, Eric and I decided to commemorate the day that we decided to date each other instead of Valentine's Day, It is very convenient because it is a week after Valentine's Day so he can buy me roses at reasonable prices and we can buy Valentine's Candy at sale prices.
Just KT said…
Well, you definitely cannot spend the day together. I think you should each go to dinner and a movie all by your lonesome. That is pretty Anti-Valentine to me. Oh, and I 2nd Gigi-you can always come and watch my little nuts and your brother and I can go out and whoop it up. HA!

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