Ginger Leaves Shawlette

Well, look at me. I actually knit something. It isn't quite done yet. Obviously, it still needs to be blocked. I may take it over to my mom's house to do this, since our condo doesn't really have any space at the moment to spread out even this little shawlette.

It is quite small, and yes, I do intend to wear it backwards around my neck like a kerchief. Then I can pull it over my face and...INSTANT OUTLAW! Can't wait.

I'll post details once it is actually blocked and looks less like a scrunched up straw wrapper before you've dripped water on it. Less like ramen noodles before you've boiled them. Less like those crazy shirts that were all the rage several years ago (and are still sold at airports) that start out tiny yet can still be worn by adults of all sizes. Thank goodness I never gave in to the pressure and bought one of those.

Life is humming along nicely here at Casa de Knitting in Transit. We are now the proud owners of a storage unit (Well, I guess technically we are leasers? Lessees?). That should help with the lack of space to block shawls problem. We are planning the final pieces of our honeymoon in three weeks. We still head out along the river or around the lakes for a run every now and again.

I'm off to pick my next knitting project. With the cooler weather and more indoor time, it's time to get serious about this hobby of mine again.


tandemingtroll said…
It actually looks like a beautiful moth to me. Good work. I am still in my 'washcloth' stage, being unwilling to start a different project until I can turn out a washcloth in less than a week.

I just panicked when I realized that a bag pattern I bought to make for Jessi requires me to know how to turn knitting.

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