Change of Plans

It is Saturday morning at 8:22 a.m. If I had stuck to my original plan, I'd be sitting in a classroom right now on campus. But a funny thing happened on the way to the weekend...

Someone commented on my blog.

I'd been debating whether or not to take this class. I decided to see if it was possible for me to finish the paper that was due the first day of class. I even started writing a few paragraphs Wednesday night. But, I woke up Thursday morning and there was a comment on my blog. My own family doesn't even comment on my blog anymore....probably because there isn't much to comment on.

Actually seeing a comment on my blog made me think about updating my blog which made me think about how I'd really like to stay home this weekend and work on the pink sweater which made me think about how I'd really like to stay home and hang out with the Little Guy this weekend.

So I dropped the class. I'm taking Italian anyway and that's enough work.

Here's the latest news. I have the back, right front, and half of the left front of the pink sweater done. I've made surprisingly few mistakes for a lace pattern. I'm still searching for a small, portable project I can take to Italy with me. I was hoping to avoid socks, but a friend from work recently learned how to do Magic Loop, which reminded me how much fun that is. So, we'll see.

The Italy trip is a little over a month away! This weekend I plan to do a "practice pack". Mostly because I'm excited and it gives me something trip related to do. I also need to think carefully about what to pack. I'm keeping a close eye on the weather in Tuscany. When we went to Spain, I expected weather of one type and had planned accordingly. I checked the weather before we left and it was MUCH warmer than we thought it would be, so I was able to last minute change my packing plans. I really do hope it is on the cool side while we are there because I want to wear my cute boots.

That's all for now. Will try to get some picks up soon.


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