Happy New Year!

I thought it was about time I posted...something. Anything. I do hope to try and blog more in the New Year. If anything, at least I'll finally finish up blogging about our trip to Italy. Here is a sneak peak: We went to Pisa. We spent one last day in Florence. We headed home. We had a horrible experience at the Amsterdam airport (is there any other kind of experience there? People say it's so great, but every time I've been there, the lines to get through security have been interminable). We had a nice experience at the Yotel in the Amsterdam airport (if you have a long layover there and are just sick and don't want to venture into town, this is a good alternative). We made it home.

I also hope to post at some point about my marathon experience! Yes, I did it! I completed the Twin Cities Marathon. 5:26...more details to come.

I am also knitting my husband a sweater. Really all that is left to do is the finishing. Which includes a zipper, so we'll see how that goes.

2014 has the promise of a wonderful year. Travels are planned to Las Vegas and Vietnam. I hope to complete another marathon. I'm taking up yoga.

So, watch this space. With any luck, there will be more frequent posts. Then again, I've said that many a time before. 


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