Cupcake Fail

I woke up this morning to discover that the cupcakes had taken a turn for the worse during the night. The frosting had either slid off the cakes or been absorbed into them. Since they were red cupcakes they looked rather ghoulish. I decided to spare my co-workers and leave the poor things at home.

It's just as well. Afterall, all but the eggs and water in them were expired. Yes, even my cooking oil has a sell by date of last July. It got me thinking about the powdered sugar in the cabinet. Should I be desperately making all sorts of sweets to use it up? Does powdered sugar go bad? Do people really want to read about the contents of my cabinets?

The bread on the other hand...fantastic! I'm using the recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. As I explained, perhaps a bit too vociferously (I really wanted to use that word) to David, this doesn't mean that you pop in the dough and five minutes later you'll have a loaf of bread. Five minutes refers to your hands on time. I think today it was more like 7 minutes since the smoke detector went off and after David recovered from the shock he had to climb up on the table and shut the darn thing off. Two minutes of excitement!

The bread was yummy. We gobbled up the whole loaf almost fresh from the oven even though they say it would be better if you let it cool entirely. Who can resist still warm bread? Not us!

Happy weekend everyone!


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