55 of 56

56 wedding invitations! Ready to be mailed. I got an e-mail yesterday afternoon that our wedding invitations were ready and I could pick them up if I wanted to. I dropped everything (which was a plan to go for a run and then tap class) and D and I drove to Richfield. I spent part of today stuffing envelopes, affixing stamps and mailing labels, and just plain admiring how lovely they are.

We walked down to the mail box on the corner and dropped them in tonight Well, 55 of them anyway. The 56th is going to Denmark and requires some special handling.

Martha Stewart would have told me to go to the post office and ask to have them "hand canceled" but I was too excited to get them in the mail. I was quite disappointed when I saw that they won't be picked up until 4:00 tomorrow. With any luck, maybe a few people nearby will get them as early as Friday. Yippee!


Gigi said…
Hooray! I cant wait to get mine!
justkt said…
How fun! We're anxiously awaiting ours.
tandemingtroll said…
We are looking forward to seeing ours! But even more so, we are looking forward to your wedding!

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