Going Crazy at the Craftstravaganza

The Shepherd's Harvest was a lot of fun, but I've completely forgotten to post about the event I can hardly wait for each year...the St. Paul Crafstravaganza. Ever since I got engaged, I've been waiting patiently for this event and refused to allow anything else to mess with my calendar that day. I knew that I would get many of the gifts for the special people doing special wedding related things for me at this event. No Yankee candle gifts from me!

I have nothing against Yankee candles. In fact, my sister gave me a Yankee candle as one of my thank you gifts for one of her showers. I loved it.

I post these pictures with some reluctance. I'm fairly certain that most of the people I bought stuff for don't read this blog, but I won't say who gets what.

My mom, Gigi and I got up bright and early and headed to the St. Paul Craftstravaganza right when it opened. I got the last free goodie bag and all three of us got a free pound of Peace Coffee. Score!

I went just crazy buying stuff. Well, crazy for me anyway.

Firs stop, the Clean Bee Soap Co.

The soaps smelled so good! Soap seems to be my weakness. Perhaps it is because it is something I know I will use but I always seem to leave every craft show with a bar of soap. This has to stop as I only have so much space to store it. But, since today was all about other people, I picked up two of the best smelling bars. I'm accessorizing the soaps with the glass dish from 7two7 Glass. The recipient can use this as a soap dish, jewelry dish, or whatever she wishes.

I was super excited to get over to Adam Turman's booth. I bought a few prints from him a few years ago. I think wall purchases are now something I should make in conjunction with D so I didn't actually buy anything, but I love to look. Right next door to him was Giraffe . They were selling coasters using his artwork and I bought two sets.

The bicycle themed set.

The Minneapolis themed set.

Once you find out who I gave these to you will think I am so clever!

Nearby was Marti Nelson Potter. I love pottery. My dream is to someday have a set of dishes that are all pottery. I suppose registering for dishes at Crate and Barrel defeated that purpose. Oh well. I purchases a necklace and little dish from her. It's called a soap dish, but I think it could serve other purposes. I use little bowls to house my jewelry. The recipient of these two gifts is very creative. I'm sure she'll find a fun use for it.

Gigi and I were both drawn to the work from Lawrenz Jewelry. We each got a necklace from her. This necklace is made from neck of a wine bottle. It was tumbled and polished and voila! Lovely. This one's all for me.

My last purchase was a bergamot, pink grapefruit and mango scented candle. Each layer is a different scent. This is from cibio candle. It smells delicious.

By this point, we were hungry but it wasn't quite lunch time yet. We headed over to the Longfellow Grill and shopped at Corazon until it became a respectable lunch time (11 a.m.). Corazon is my favorite gift shop in the Twin Cities. The greeting card selection is fab. These earrings will soon belong to someone else. I'll admit...they are for my sister. She picked them out. No surprise come wedding shower day for her.

I still have some more gifts to buy but the St. Paul Craftstravganza was very good to me. Next year I won't have the wedding as an excuse to go nuts buying stuff, but there is always something coming up. I can't wait.


jenn said…
I'm SUPER jealous!! I would love to go to such a fun thing...I have to wait for some things around here...

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