It is mighty cold here in Minnesota. The bank said it was -5 this morning. It sure felt like it. It is the kind of cold where the snot freezes in your nose. I'm sitting here in my cube with my Fetching fingerless mitts (ravelry link) on and my Shadow Scarf wrapped around my neck, and I couldn't be happier.

I'm diligently working on my second mystery sock. Well, I don't know how diligently. It sure is taking me a long time to finish it and I won't let myself start something new until that is done. In the meantime, my new sock yarn is just sitting there looking sad and lonely and lovely. Sigh.

So, the Little Guy does not like to have his hair washed, and as of late, he doesn't like to take a nap either. Last weekend, he lay in his crib chatting away to himself, refusing to sleep. Gigi went in and told him, "If you don't take a nap, I'm going to take you downstairs right now to wash your hair". Apparantly, this had worked a few days earlier.

Apparantly, it was never to work again. The Little Guy stood up in his crib and started jumping up and down. "Yay! Wash my hair! Wash my hair! Yay!"

Gigi was shocked, but she picked him up and took him downstairs. She laid him down on the kitchen counter and as soon as the water hit his head, his whole little body tensed up. He pursed his lips real tight, squeezed his eyes shut, and whimpered a little bit. But he did not cry or kick and scream like he usually does.

Gigi said it was like he was thinking in his little head, "I'll SHOW YOU!"

No nap that day. I'm not sure how naptime has gone since then. Gigi, care to comment?


Gigi said…
I'll tell ya...I just do not look forward to getting that kid down for a nap! Oh well. We cant wait to see you this weekend!

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