Yay! Rain Boots!

I came home from work yesterday and there was a package outside my door. My first thought was that it was another Christmas gift for the people who don't live in my apartment anymore. Last year I got a pecan pie.

I opened up the box and found these (yes, it's a horrible picture...and yes, I am wearing gnome pajama pants)!Some rain boots from my friend, Jenn! I have been wanting some boots like this. In fact, just a couple days ago I saw a bunch of rain boots outside Practical Goods on Randolph Avenue and thought about how I really needed to get some rain boots. (Click on the word "practical" above. I think it is funny that that particular website had the best description I could find of the store)

I have a vague memory of telling Jenn this summer that I wanted some boots, and perhaps she mentioned she had an extra pair. Or maybe I am making that up in my head to explain the sudden and unexpected arrival of rain boots on my doorstep. I really don't know! She didn't include a note, so I am left to my own speculation.

Regardless of why she sent them, I am very excited! Thank you Jenn! I can't wait for the next rain storm!


jenn said…
YAY! I'm glad you liked them. I have had them waiting to send to you for months, and realized that I didn't even include a note...bad jenn.

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