Merry Christmas!

Last night, D came over and helped me fold, stuff, and sign Christmas cards. Oh yes, I am lucky! They may be late, but at least they will be in the mail before Christmas.

Things will be pretty quiet here over the next few days, which is fine really, because most of the people who read this blog will be seeing me over the next few days! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you, especially the Little Guy and all the Nuts!
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Meema said…
They're not late - don't bow to the retail calendar! (I'm addressing my envelopes as we speak.)The 25th is only the first day of Christmas, which lasts until the 5th of January.

I guess you could say this is my personal crusade.

Down, Meema...
Meema said…
p.s. Merry Christmas to you as well!!
Glad you got yours in themail which is more than I can say!!
jenn said…
I like the thoughts...I haven't sent mine out yet either...I am stuck on the letter...

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