Blogger and I are not getting along. I've initiated a trial separation, and I think divorce may be on the horizon.

I've always been a wee bit frustrated with Blogger - I've had trouble formatting from time to time, I've noticed that other people using other services can reply to comments, etc. etc. The real thing that annoyed me was when I noticed that sometimes when I updated my blog, if you opened it with Internet Explorer, links to previous posts, the blog roll, etc. were all missing. It was all there in Firefox...but in Explorer, it was like a bare bones version of my blog.

Why oh why should that be? I just think that's silly.

Then today, I noticed that the video I put up...well, it was fine at first. Then today it was as though it was trying to show the video in full-screen mode in just the small screen.

So, I'm setting up shop elsewhere. I'll let you know when that is complete. For now, I'll still be here.


Gigi said…
cant wait to see where you turn up next!
j.lee said…
Blogger isn't terrible. It has its moments, though. I think it's more IE that's your problem.

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