A Busy Weekend

D and I had a busy weekend, as we did last weekend, and as we will the next few weekends. Now I am relaxing with the blog and Nutella covered bread. Yum!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to head to the Goodwill store and volunteer as part of the St. Olaf National Day of Service. The Goodwill is a busy, busy place. After hanging up women's clothes for three hours, I just wanted to get out of there.

We headed over to Manny's Tortas in the Midtown Global Market on Lake Street where I had the best sandwich ever. A few steps away and I had almost the best cupcake ever at the Salty Tart. All this goodness, a fight with the parking vending machine, and it was still only 2:00. Plenty of time to get three loads of laundry done and meet friends at the Liffy in St. Paul for the second best sandwich ever. And some Jameson and ginger ale for dessert.

This morning, we headed over the Lake Calhoun for the Oy Vey 5k (if you go to the link, you can click on a link for pictures. You'll see a pic of D stretching against a tree). Gigi, the Little Guy, and my mom met us there. Despite the rainy, crummy weather, it was still a nice way to spend some time with my sister. Afterwards we went to the Bruegger's on 46th and Nicollett. It used to be a firehouse and the Little Guy loved seeing all the firefighter memorabilia, and the fire poles. He said that he is going to be a firefighter and slide down the pole. So cute.

Now, it's only 1:30 and I'll be meeting Gigi and the Little Guy at Choo Choo Bob's in just a bit. The excitement continues!


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