Spring/Summer Knitting Queue

I decided before I made plans for a Spring/Summer Knitting Queue, I should check on my Fall/Winter Knitting Queue to see how I did. The answer: I barely had a Fall/Winter Knitting Queue.

The Fall/Winter Knitting Queue seems to have consisted of 4 projects. Considering two are done, that's pathetic. I should say, I did knit other things, just not things I had planned to knit.

Here's a round-up:
Octopus - Totally abandoned. Maybe I'll try to finish this. For now, it's just a big blob of light green stockinette stitch.

Socktoberfest Mystery Socks - Completed! Woo-hoo!

Josephine Hat for Baby - Completed! Woo-hoo!

Gloria Cowl using leftover Manos del Uruguay - abandoned. I might try something different.

Over the past few months, I have completed some other things as well. Stripey Socks. Lombard Street Socks. One rpm sock. A striped baby hat. Finished the Ribby Cardi. Finished Kathy's socks. And an odd looking pair of mittens.

When I type it all out like that, I feel like I've actually accomplished something.

What does Spring/Summer hold in store? Let's see:

rpm socks - Need to knit one more!

Hats for Twin Babies - D's sister had twin boys in March. The hats just need the toppers attached.

February Lady Sweater - Yup. I'm going to make it!

More baby hats - Three co-workers are expecting children. And they are all expecting boys. Just so happens I have a lot of boy appropriate yarn in my stash.

I'm not going to get more ambitious than that. I've also got my Spring/Summer Activity Queue which includes things like: baseball, trip to Chicago, running a 5K every month, tap and Arabic dance classes, and the usual patio dining during the few nice months here in Minnesota.

So, we'll see how all of this goes. I'll keep ya posted.


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