I Say It's My Birthday,,,

It's My Sister's Birthday Too!

That's what happens when you have a twin. Many years ago, my sister and I grew tired of duking it out in the womb for room. She shoved me aside and emerged into the world and before she could warn me that it was cold and bright and loud out there, I followed her.

And now we celebrate.

First stop for birthday celebration was Psycho Suzi's on Friday night, where some friends joined me and David for large drinks and little pickles wrapped in cream cheese and ham.

That's me with my very large, flaming drink. At first it seemed awfully strong, but I got used to it. As a birthday present, the Tiki gods smiled on me and allowed me to wake up the next morning hangover free. Yay!

Saturday we headed to the 'burbs where my Dad and Kathy took us to a Japanese steakhouse, where we were serenaded while wearing this odd mask.

That was fun.

Here's all of us, full of steak and shrimp and salmon and lots of fried rice.

It was fun evening, and capped off with something only my sister and I would enjoy (trust me, her husband was less than excited about it). A trip to Target! A chance to roam around, just the two of us. It doesn't happen much anymore. We were pretty excited. Yup...doesn't take much to make us happy.

Happy Birthday, Sis! I'm so glad to be able to go through life you with you! Thanks for being the brave one all those years ago and deciding to see what life was like on the outside. :-)


Meema said…
Happy birthday to you both!!!

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