State Fair, Take 2

Can it really be that I have not updated my blog since August? Why yes! It can. It's been a crazy last few days of summer around here: multiple trips to the State Fair, more biking and swimming, gearing up for the always crazy first day of classes at the fourth largest university in the nation (well, last year anyway), thinking about knitting.

Sunday, Gigi, David, the Little Guy and I headed to the State Fair. We were there about 7 a.m., which is a great time to go to the fair. There are hardly any people there, and there is breakfast to be had!
We passed by the Giant Slide on the way to Machinery Hill.

This is one of my favorite things at the Fair and Gigi and I went down while the Little Guy waited with David. As soon as we got off, the Little Guy ran up and wanted to go down the slide. He decided he wanted to go with me so we climbed the stairs and he was so excited all the way up. I thought for sure when we got up there he would change his mind, but nope...I held on tight and down the slide we went. Wheee!

Well, not so much for the Little Guy. He ran right to Gigi to be picked up and told her, "Mommy...when I was on the slide I wanted to be with you". I felt so bad for him. Gigi and David both said the look on his face was one of, "maybe this wasn't a good idea".

Fortunately, machinery hill cheered him right up! He loved all the tractors

and pretending David was a cow.

Then it was off to the Little Farm Hands, which is about the cutest thing there. Well, other than the Little Guy.
And to end the day, some spin painting!


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