Go Twins!!

I just got off the phone with my sister and she told me to update my blog. Problem is, there isn't much to update. I'll give it a try though.

I finished the knitting on Flair last week. It is amazing to have an almost finished object. Saturday afternoon D was kind enough to take me button shopping. We went to the Yarnery, where I laid the sweater out on the floor and set different buttons on top. The buttons I really liked were $2.75 each, which seemed a bit extravagant to me, so I settled on some square, ivory colored buttons that were only $1 each. I think I'll sew them on today, then block the sweater.

With the money I saved on buttons, I bought Made in Brooklyn. Such lovely patterns, such lovely photos. The woman who rang up my purchases asked me if I read his blog, and I said yes and commented on how I love the pictures. She then informed me he is a photographer. I had no idea. That explains a lot.

Button buying was just one part of a very busy weekend. Friday night D and I headed to the Guthrie to see The Importance of Being Earnest, a play I have seen before and could see many times again. Oscar Wilde was a genius. We made a night of it and stayed at the aloft hotel right by the Guthrie. It's a hip little hotel with a tiny swimming pool. At first I thought we should have brought our suits and swum laps but that would have been difficult. Instead, I settled for a lychee martini at the bar while we checked in on the Twins game.

Sunday we trekked down to the course for the Twin Cities Marathon to cheer on our friends. We saw Michael run by at mile three of the TC Ten Mile. The same spot was mile 19 for the marathon. We missed seeing Kyle and Kym, but it was so amazing to see all those people go by who had been running for 19 miles so far. Across the street, there was a woman who kept yelling, "Welcome to St. Paul!" even though St. Paul was still a couple miles away. She obviously needed a geography lesson.

And then it was off to the "last" Twins game in the Metrodome, which we all now know was not the last game. We had a great time! An exciting game, a great post-game farewell to the Dome presentation, lots of people. The only downside was that they ran out of scorecards. After waiting in line for 20 minutes to get one, there was some...un-sportsmanlike language on my part. I was then annoyed when two seats down from me was a couple that between them had three scorecards, and they didn't even have them open! They weren't even filling them out! Did they even know what they were for?

Now there will be at least one more Twins fame at the Dome! Go Twins! What an amazing last month they have had!


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