"Say Cheese, Tunnel Bean!"

This weekend I went with my mom, sister, and the Little Guy to Chicago. I did take some knitting with me, but didn't get much done. I know...there are a lot of people out there who somehow manage to get lots of knitting done in the presence of a three-year old, but I am not one of those people.

We visited with family while there, visited the DuPage County Children's Museum, and took a train ride downtown to Navy Pier and then over to Millennium Park to see "Cloud Gate", known to most people as the Bean. We told the Little Guy we were going to see a great big jelly bean, and I was a little worried he'd be disappointed that it wasn't a big yellow or purple or red bean.

I need not have worried. He went nuts for the bean. As soon as he saw it, he shouted, "It's a tunnel bean!" and wanted to go under the bean. He ran in circles, hopped around on his little legs, shouting and laughing the entire time. Pretty cute.

Then he wanted to take pictures. Lots of pictures. He would stand and point the camera at the bean and yell, "Say cheese, tunnel bean!"

The knitting I attempted to get started on the way was the gray sweater shown here from Rebecca. I've got more of the mohair than is necessary, but the yarn for the little nubs are a problem. It's ggh Stars, and the color is anthracite. I got it in white, which looked weird. Then I got something similar in black, which looks just as weird. Of the tens of thousands of people on Ravelry, only 21 have ggh Stars in their stash, and only two have the color I need, and they both seem to be using it. This project may be on hold until I can find another substitute. Now that I've gotten started, I really want to make this sweater!


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