What Season Is It Anyway?

This weekend David and I headed to Chippewa Falls for Fall Cabin Weekend. On the way there it felt more like Winter Cabin Weekend. The snow was falling thick and heavy as we entered Wisconsin, the fields of cows were covered with the fluffy white stuff, and soon we fell into that quiet sort of driving where the driver is concentrating and the passenger is trying to be as little of a distraction as possible.

We did make it though and had a lovely time. Saturday morning was blustery and a little damp, but the weather was fine for football and walks. The fireplace had a warm glow all weekend. And when the nine children under the age of seven that were there all took their naps at the same time, a peacefulness came over the cabin. Rest and relaxation. Perfect.

I also finished up these little hat's for David's twin nephews. This is the only lousy picture I have of these! Before I got a chance to take another we had wrapped them up and were off to the baptism.
David and I did this back in April or May. He knit one hat (blue) and I knit the other (green). I then made the squiggles for the tops. Then they sat, scrunched up in a bag, until October. I added the squiggles to one hat, all the while cursing. All I could think was that I had had it with the squiggly topper. I've watched a video a couple times on how to combine them into one big pom and still found it fiddley and fuddly and a pain in the knitting needle. I set the other hat aside until later. Then I hid in my room and tried a different method for combining and attaching, and voila! It was done in about 10 minutes, completely painless, and I think I may make more of these (when more babies are born)! Isn't it nice when you figure something out that's been bugging you?

About two weeks ago I got an e-mail from someone on Ravelry asking me how much I wanted for the Tahki Donegal Tweed in gray that I had in my stash, leftover from my dad's sweater. I just told her she could have it. I believe in yarn karma and I doubt I'll use it. So I told her I would just pop it in the mail (to France!) and she sent me the nicest message on Friday. Here is a snippet:

"I frequently feel unsure and anxious about the future of the planet/humankind, but these random gestures of kindness among strangers and distant people make me feel less fearful about tomorrow."

It makes me feel so good and I agree with her. If only we all could practice a random gesture of kindness once in awhile, imagine what could happen.


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