Triathlon Tuesdays

As most of you know, this past August David and some of his friends did a triathlon as a team. Being there and seeing all those people left me feeling a bit inspired and I thought, "I could do that". I have decided that next summer, I would like to do the same triathlon, the whole thing, myself.

I have not officially committed to it...haven't paid a registration fee or anything, but I've told enough people about it that I'm as good as paid. Besides, it seems more realistic than the other crazy goal I had about the same time which was climbing Mt. Rainier.

I've decided that I will devote my blog on Tuesdays to updates on getting ready (I'm not at a point yet where I feel like I can say I am "training") and other miscellaneous information.

The triathlon I will be doing is a sprint distance. It will be a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and a 5K.

Where am I at?

Swimming: I can swim a 1/2 mile...doing the breaststroke, which is not the speediest way to get through the water. I start swimming lessons on Sunday to help me with getting better at doing the crawl. Wish me luck!

Biking: I can bike 12 miles. How fast I can do it is another story. My average pace this summer was usually between 10 and 12 mph. I'll be working on bumping that up.

Running: I run about an 11 minute mile and can keep that up for a 3 miles, more or less. However, that is from a fresh start. Not after swimming and biking. I'll need to work on my speed there too.

So, the good news is, I know I can do each individual piece of the tri in some way. I've got about 10 months to work on my speed and my swimming. Check back next week for more updates!


gig said…
so proud of you Mimi!
Just KT said…
That is great...can't wait to hear more about it.
Anonymous said…
I am so there with you. Must get over lake monsters

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