Midway through week 1

The hubby and I are midway through the first week of our honeymoom. Dominica is lovely. It is called the Nature Island for a reason.

(note...we are on the island country of Dominica, NOT the Dominican Republic)

The island is mountainous and green, with many rivers and waterfalls. Today we went to Emerald Pool, where we also some some German butts (after the German tourists got out of the water they would change "discreetly" behind their towels) and boobs.The pool was beautiful and we had a nice drive arund the interior of the island. It was a much nicer drive than we had Tuesday when we went to Fort Shirley. We took a road on the way back that crosses the northern part of the island and it was VERY steep and VERY twisty. I kept my eyes closed quite a bit and reminded myself that people seem to make it up and down the streets of San Franciso which are also very steep. Seriously, some of those roads seemed like they were at a 45 degree angle. Even though my eyes were closed, I could feel it. I didn't like it.Each day though, it has been a pleasure to come back to our little home away from home, take a dip in the plunge pool, read, knit, and just relax in the breeze. The weather has been great and each night we head up to the roof to stargaze. We have seen Pegasus, Pisces, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Andromeda, Perseus, Jupiter (not a star, obviously!), and a bunch of sattelites. We can see the island of Guadaloupe from our place and can see the lights twinkling across the ocean.

Tomorrow we are off on a tour with a guide. We'll do a hike, see some waterfalls, etc. So far we have not had the best luck finding stuff in Dominica (no signs) so I'm hoping we will have a lot of fun!

Cow and duck


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