Off to Puerto Rico

By popular demand, I bring you:

Goat. Sadly, the baby goat was not out. We haven't seen the baby goat again. Oh my! It was so cute! Baby goats are just the cutest thing ever.

So, here in Dominica, as you drive around you see goats and cows tied up on the side of the road. A goat here, a cow there. I'm not sure the protocol here...does someone bring the goat or cow out in the morning and tie it up? Do they come back for it that night? They MUST because it is so dark on the roads at night I would think a goat especially would get run down. Although, when David and I came back from dinner the other night, there was a goat sitting in the middle of the road and it got up and lazily moved out of the way.

I really wish I had a picture of the cow we saw on the drive back from Chaudiere Pool. It was a pretty cow and David had to get out of the car and coax it to the other side of the road because the rope was stretched across the road about 2 feet high. My hero...the cow wrangler.

I thought I had another cow photo, but can't find it right now, so here is a closeup of of cow and duck.

Some other random pictures

Pretty flower outside our home away from home for the week.

Brrr! It is cold! Must be 70 degrees!

We are heading back to Puerto Rico later today. We have really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the snow back home. Seems they everyone on Facebook has posted a comment about or photo of the snow.

We are pretty excited to go to Puerto Rico. We are really hoping we will sleep better once we get there. Last night it got really windy for about 15 minutes and then stopped. It was a little bit scary. David said it was his worst night for sleep so far. We are hoping at the the hotel in San Juan, with real windows and the lull of the AC that we will sleep like babies. Can. Not. Wait.


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